Elite:Dangerous. All about crafting and materials

Yesterday Horizons 2.0 update beta was released with new crafting and material system, here you can find all information that is available to date.
Elite Dangerous


There are 10 possible items to craft and each of those have 3 levels - Basic, Standard and Premium.

Premium will give you best effect but also requires most materials to be used. You can increase your next jump distance from 25 to 100%, craft ammo for Plasma Accelerator, Multi-Cannon, Cannon, Fragment Cannon, Railgun, Missiles, Mines. Basic ammo will give you 50% of full ammo load with no bonus while Standard will completely refill your ammo and give you 25% damage bonus, Premium will give you even more - 50% damage bonus. And there are 3 items you can craft that are specifically used for SRVs only - refuel, repair and rearm, each with interesting bonus. Refill will give you some temporary bonus to SRV shields, repair will give bonus to hull strength until next repair is initiated and rearm will give you damage bonus up to 100%.

What you can craft

  1. FSD Injection - will increase your next hyperjump distance. Basic +25%,Standard +50% and Premium +100% (will double your jump range for next jump);
  2. Plasma munitions - craft ammo for Plasma Accelerator, damage bonus up to 50%;
  3. Explosive munitions - craft ammo for Missile and Mines, damage bonus up to 50%;
  4. Small calibre munitions - craft ammo for Multi-Cannon, damage bonus up to 50%;
  5. Large calibre munitions - craft ammo for Canon or Fragmentation Cannon, damage bonus up to 50%;
  6. High Velocity munitions - craft ammo for Ralguns, damage bonus up to 50%;
  7. AFM refill - refills and speeds up your auto field maintenance unit repair speed;
  8. SRV Ammo Restock - restocks ammo for SRV with damage bonus up to 100%;
  9. SRV Repair - repairs your SRV and provides a bonus for hull strength up to 100%;
  10. SRV Refuel - refuels your SRV and provides temporary overcharge to shields up to 50%.



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