Greetings everybody, my name is Kornelius and I am old enough to remember feelings and emotions that I had when played original Elite back in 1984, especially considering that my birthday also is on September :)

I am living in Latvia - an eastern European country bordering Estonia, Lithuania, Belorussia and Russia. Since I was a small kid I was fascinated by science fiction including movies, books, computer games, so space simulation games in particular always were my favorite. I grew up with Elite, Privateer, Wing Commander and other titles.

Since I found out about Elite Dangerous in late 2012 a dream came true for me. This game with realistic and up to 1:1 scale Milky Way Galaxy, fighting, exploring and having own background simulation was something I wanted to pledge from day one. During the standard beta phase I started my Youtube channel mostly about Elite Dangerous and got more and more into the details of this awesome game because there is so much to learn and experience and it all will only grow immensively because of upcoming expansions and updates - in time we will be able to land on all planets, drive land vehicles, walk around in first person on planet surfaces as well as inside bases, space stations and ships, board ships, we will have a real life experience in space.

My dream is to leave my day job and dedicate my time fully to different projects like the one you are reading now - currently vast majority of my projects involve Elite Dangerous:
My Youtube Video Channel
Elite Dangerous Pilots Guide
Elite Dangerous.The Beginning. Early Game Designs. 2014
Yearly Calendars and other free downloadable eBooks.

Please visit this page if you want to support me.


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