Elite: Dangerous. Anaconda vs Cutter vs Corvette

Comparing Anaconda vs Imperial Cutter vs Federal Corvette in beta 1.5 Ships update.
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We now have the big 3C - Conda, Corvette and Cutter.

All ships are similar and same time very different.

Imperial Cutter has one class higher Thrusters, Frame Shift Drive, Fuel Tank, Internal Compartment class 8 for shields, two class higher Life Support but one class lower Sensors and Power Distributor which is really bad for combat. Anaconda and Federal Corvette actually has same modules but Corvette has more of Class 7 internal compartments that leads to bigger cargo size, however, winner here is Imperial Cutter with a staggering 728 tonne cargo bay with shields!

Imperial Cutter is faster than Anaconda and Federal Corvette in both - speed and boost but much slower at pitching. Federal Corvette has the smallest jump range, Anaconda still has the best and Imperial Cutter is somewhere in the middle, combined with cargo bay size we have a new best ship for trading. Cutter also has best shields and it's heaviest of all three, Anaconda is lightest and with best armor.

Here you can see all three ship stats compared, prices for different loadouts, jump ranges, armor, shields, mass lock values etc.

Bottom line is that:

  1. Imperial Cutter is best ship for anything that requires cargo bay - it's just huge, Cutter can run away easier and has reasonable jump range, so trading, mining, missions to stations is where Cutter shines.
  2. Federal Corvette is best at combat, 2 huge hardpoints in future (with more weapons added there) might be a force to reckon with and it's slightly more agile than Anaconda and much more agile than Cutter.
  3. Anaconda is best for exploration because of it's great jump range, but it's still multi purpose ship that you can use for anythin, now we just have better options for trading and combat, if we need them.


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