Elite: Dangerous. How to reload weapons with crafted ammo

In Horizons 2.0 update we can craft ammunition for all kinetic weapons - Mines, Missiles, Cannons, Fragmentation Cannons, Railguns, Plasma Accelerator, but better ammo requires more materials and also gives you better bonus.
Elite Dangerous


About Crafting

There are 10 possible items to craft and each of those have 3 levels - Basic, Standard and Premium.

Premium will give you best effect but also requires most materials to be used. You can craft ammo for Plasma Accelerator, Multi-Cannon, Cannon, Fragment Cannon, Railgun, Missiles, Mines. Basic ammo will give you 50% of full ammo load with no bonus while Standard will completely refill your ammo and give you 25% damage bonus, Premium will give you even more - 50% damage bonus (bonus will be tweaked down).

How to craft ammo

  1. find materials required for crafting (you can see the exact amount under right user interface-Cargo-Synthesis Tab)
  2. open right user interface-Modules tab and click on any weapon you want to reload
  3. there is an option to craft Basic/Standard/Premium and if you have enough materials click on reload and weapon will be automatically reloaded

So basic ammo is pretty much useless because you waste materials for 50% of max ammo load unless you really need that ammo now, standard and premium are fine (even after devs reduce bonus to 10-15/20-25% or so instead of 25/50% that is now).

Probably smartest will be to have 1 Huge weapon (Cannon or Plasma) and have several loads for that weapon in case you need it, but as for Railguns - 31 rounds are just not enough, one Railgun is never effective and you need at least 2-4, so you need 1 reload of crafted ammo for each Railgun making it very ineffective in the end because 1 reload only gives 31 round (basic reload gives 16 rounds).

Will see, maybe Railguns will get some love or maybe finding materials for Railguns will be MUCH easier than for other weapons but as for now i don't see myself bothering with driving around to find 12 specific materials just for 31 round of 1 Medium Railgun when you can get 105 Huge Plasma/Cannon rounds in similar amount of time.

Materials for crafting ammo


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