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You might know me as a creator of Pilot's Guide or from youtube. Please visit this page if you want to know more about me or check Ask Me Anything video series on youtube and feel free to ask me any question.

So why support me? Maybe thanks is not enough for you, maybe you want to show that you really appreciate my work to give me some extra motivation, support will allow me to develop and use better tools for my gaming and creating experience like better peripherals, upgrade my old pc, as well as for your user and viewer experience - more and better looking videos, more eBooks and dedicate more time to my hobby with my end goal being to quit my day job. If every subscriber on my Youtube channel would donate me 1-2 euros per year I already could achieve that goal!

Don't worry - most of my goals will be reached sooner or later anyway, but you can help me, speed up this process and influence directly what content I will be doing most as well as the quality of end result. I will transfer more of my time towards content that you are most interested. And you can always say thanks - any support is appreciated and motivates to work even harder, donations are just the highest level of support. But even subscribing to my youtube channel, liking, sharing and discussing videos also is support and shows me where I need to work harder!

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Please let me thank all of my supporters: without your positive (and also critical) feedback and support I wouldn't be able to achieve this - your suggestions made my work better!

Thank you ALL! Contact me if you want to see your name here.

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If you wish to support me directly then easiest way is to donate money by PayPal, my email is but make sure you let me know which goal(s) you are supporting. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me by same email.

Currently I am working on Ultimate Ship Guide for Season 1 which will be completed after Horizons update 2.0 goes live because I want to see if there will be any changes done to recently added 5 ships and include Cobra Mk IV in this guide as well so somewhere in December/January it should be available for anyone (release will be announced on My Youtube Video Channel, you can find sample here:

In this guide you will be able to find basic information about Elite:Dangerous and ships, different stats for each ship including pitching speed with 4 and 0 pips to engines, cockpit view, outfitting and shipyard stats for combat fitted ships (mostly), their hardpoint locations and comparison tables for all ships in season 1 in the end.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons


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