Elite Dangerous: Railgun vs Imperial Hammer

A burst variant of the rail gun [sic] that sacrifices per shot damage to achieve a three round burst that overall is more effective. Hammer is power-specific for Arissa Lavigny-Duval supporters and only available in medium fixed variant.
Elite Dangerous



Tests were done against Imperial Cutter shields and both weapons fired from Anaconda with best power coupling.

Railgun is one of the most used weapons in PvP because after initial delay while weapon is charging it will hit target instantaneously so it's easy to hit even smaller enemies.

Railgun and Imperial Hammer is kinetic and thermic weapon at the same time and that means it is effective against shields and hull.

If you want to know more about weapons, damage done over the distance or against different bulkheads check other my posts or videos but for now Railgun/Imperial Hammer deals 2-3 times less damage at 2-2,5km compared to 500m.


RailgunImperial Hammer
Clip Size13 (1 shot)
Total Ammo3193 (31 shot)
Damage 500 m vs 2 km 21 % vs 12 % (-75 %) 23 % vs 13 % (-76 %)
Shots per capacitor1411
Time per 1 shot2,08 Sec2,14 Sec
Conclusion+14 % Damage per energy+9 % damage per shot

Both weapons are very similar and have exactly same amount of shots - 31 each. Railgun is more energy efficient (by 14 %) but Imperial hammer deals more damage per shot (by 9%) so if you want to do higher damage per full load of ammo then Imperial Hammer is better option, but if you want to have maximum amount of weapons that your WEP capacitor can handle then Railgun is a better option.


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