Elite Dangerous: Plasma accelerator vs Cannon round speed

Different projectiles travel at different speed - higher the class slower the speed will be, but which weapon is faster, Cannon or Plasma Accelerator? This is a test to see at what velocity different class Cannon and Plasma Accelerator projectiles travel and to compare them between both weapons.
Elite Dangerous

Gimbaled variant has same velocity as fixed even while it deals less damage and from this test you can clearly see why Cannons are now so bad against most ships - their velocity is just awful even compared to Huge Plasma Accelerator

In this table you can see average speed calculated from the moment projectile left weapons barrel till the moment it hit targets shield.

WeaponSpeed from 500mSpeed from 1000mSpeed from 2000m
Small G Cannon862800775.2
Small Cannon862800775.2
Medium Cannon609.7598.8591.7
Large Cannon500471.7456.6
Huge Cannon393.7396.8404
Medium Plasma735.3714.3709.2
Large Plasma806.4751.9722
Huge Plasma666.7671.1689.6

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