Elite: Dangerous. 10 things i DO like about Powerplay

Powerplay update brings not only powerplay but also drones, fixed shield exploit, new mass lock value and ranges, 3 new ships and much more!
Elite Dangerous

10. Small changes

  1. Rank progress bars – nice to see progress to next rank.
  2. Additional fuel tanks that you can buy into internal compartments, so you can fly longer distances without refueling and ships with small tanks like Fer-de-Lance can be used effectively.

Powerplay Stats and bonus overview10 things i don't like in Powerplay

9. 2,5 new ships – two diamondbacks and Imperial Courier

  1. Diamondback Scout
  2. Diamondback Explorer
  3. Imperial Courier

8. Two new minable materials

  1. Painite and Osmium.
  2. Combined with Collector and/or Prospector Drones,
  3. mining missions and High Intensity Extraction Sites
  4. mining is more profitable than before, but still not enough.

7. Super-Cruise update

  1. New sound in Super-Cruise.
  2. Can select Nav targets in system map.
  3. Power distribution works in Super-Cruise.
  4. Shield Cell Banks can be used.
  5. Shields recharge as in regular flight.
  6. Same NPCs can interdict multiple times.
  7. NPC chatter.
  8. Power related NPCs generated.

6. Drones

  1. Prospector – to scan asteroid for it's contents.
  2. Collector – to scoop cargo canisters or mined fragments.
  3. Fuel Transfer – to tansfer fuel between ships.

5. New mass lock values for ships

  1. 6 Sidewinder, Eagle, Hauler
  2. 7 Adder, Courier, Viper
  3. 8 Type 6, Cobra, Diamondback
  4. 10 Vulture, Type 7
  5. 11 Asp
  6. 12 Clipper, Fer-De-Lance
  7. 14 Federal Dropship
  8. 15 Orca
  9. 16 Type 9
  10. 17 Python
  11. 23 Anaconda

4. Shield exploit fixed

  1. Shields will not recharge fully after you save/load, enter Super-Cruise or Hyperspace, instead they will keep recharging as in regular flight.

3. 7 days unable to pay off your bounty

  1. It was silly when someone attacked you and after 5 minutes were flying clean like nothing happened by just paying it off.
  2. Now you will have to think before committing a crime.
  3. Ramming and killing someone in no fire zone while speeding above 100 m/s will also result a bounty, so be careful.
  4. Accidental fire introduced for player vs player as well.
  5. You can still buy cheapest Sidewinder, shoot at station and die miserably to pay off your bounty any time ;)

2. Power specific modules and Bonuses

  1. A nice addition especially because no new weapons were introduced to the game for quite some time now.
  2. Power bonuses bring some nice gameplay elements and combining them can get you bigger profit.
  3. You can get modules and/or ships with discounts.

1. Powerplay opens whole new Player Vs Player options

  1. Pledging to power gives green light to PvP against hostile powers almost anywhere anytime without any consequences.
  2. Groups players around tighter areas than before
  3. so finding fights are easier.
  4. Can chose your own enemies and kill in the name of Power.
  5. Community goals should be very funny place now in open.

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