Elite: Dangerous. 10 things i dont like about Powerplay

Don't get me wrong - i like this game, but sometimes there are things that i don't like, so let's have fun and criticize new Powerplay update.
Elite Dangerous

10. Docking request works only at 7500 meters

  1. Year 3300 and still 2,5km makes such a big difference.
  2. 7500m were in the game from gamma so why not keep it like that.

9. No details on power specific modules

  1. Do we really need to waste 28 days just to see that this weapon
  2. is not what we need?
  3. 1 shield and 9 weapons, very different modules forcing players to defect after each module is purchased just to have what they want.
  4. Most likely all weapons will be fixed and available only at one class which we will find out only after 28 days.
  5. Shields are best bet because most likely anyone can benefit of them.

8. 10-50 power commodities every 30 minutes

  1. And you can only buy as many as your ranking allows, so if you are ranking 1 you will have to click 3 times each time just to purchase
  2. 10 commodities. And then same process again and again 40+ times.
  3. Forcing players to log on just to get them for free if they don't want to spend their money.
  4. When selling speed is not increased like at commodity markets so you will wait a long time while selling 400++ tonnes.
  5. And hard earned merits will decay at same speed for anyone,
  6. no matter how long you are aligned with power.

7. Smuggling is worse than regular trading

  1. In 1.3 beta smuggling netted 16k profit per ton, in live build it was at 8-10k and then got nerfed twice – to 4-5 and now it's down to 2-3k profit per tonne.
  2. If you get scanned you will have fine twice as big as your profit.
  3. Regular power trading will net you more (where is sense in that?)
  4. Devs nerfed down power black market profit passive benefit from 25/20% to 15/10% which is only power bonus nerf so far.

6. Shields are often offline and can't be recharged at stations

  1. After several crashes the game loaded with no shields on my ship even while they were full before crash.
  2. When you switch ships at shipyard shields also might be offline –
  3. but it should be the other way around – stored ship shields
  4. should be charged.
  5. Charging shields to 2 rings on combat Anaconda takes around 20 minutes so we have to waste our game play time on this?
  6. If devs cannot give us a service at station to charge shields then at least allow us to use shield cell banks while we are docked, because it doesn't make any sense to dock, buy shield cell banks, undock, use shield cell banks, dock, restock shield cell banks and then leave.

5. Shieldless sidewinders interdicting players in Anaconda

  1. It's not even funny but annoying and plain dumb.
  2. If AI programmers can't fix this then at least make them ram us
  3. so they die instantly and we don't waste our time on them.

4. Loads of bugs and exploits like it's beta and not retail

  1. Money exploit when devs applied 20% power discount only to buying price from station and left selling price same, so you could buy with 20% discount and sell at regular price right away.
  2. 10% weapons power discount was applied to everything, including ships and other modules.
  3. Conflict zones only contain mostly harmless ships, need to switch instances to find better enemies.
  4. High intensity extraction sites do not have large ships until you switch instances.
  5. Ranking progression is very bugged, and still is.

3. Mission system rehaul looks more like cosmetic change

  1. Same missions all over, just with better payouts and tied to your combat, trading or exploration rank.
  2. Very little of new missions introduced.
  3. Do not scale well accordigly to rank – Elite exploration rank required with 5000 credit reward?
  4. Ranking progression is same with just altruism donation missions added and highly bugged.
  5. Do not invole players vs player at all which is a shame.
  6. Still you can't order delivery of your stored ships and have to waste your time on buying taxi ship and flying there on your own.

2. Powerplay encourages to play solo or private group

  1. You become hostile with many other powers after pledging to any and in the beginning you even became hostile with Founders World.
  2. It is MUCH easier to avoid being killed in solo/private if you are visiting hostile territory than in open because players will kill hostile CMDRs on sight but NPCs are too weak.

1. Powerplay encounrages players not to join any power

  1. Ranking 5 benefits are crap compared to any passive power benefits that you can use without any pledging at all, and benefits from reaching ranking 4 do not making any sense.
  2. It is much easier to use all power passive benefit without becoming hostile to other powers.
  3. If you want to combine 2 different power passive benefits in open play it's much easier done by not pledging to any power at all.
  4. No information about power specific modules – no idea about weapon classes and variants, only devs told us that they will be balanced down if happen to be too good (!?).


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