This Week in Elite: Dangerous. June 8-12 / 2015

Smuggling, Bugs and Merits.
Elite Dangerous

R.I.P. Smuggling

Used to be 20+25=45% profit. Now 10+15%=25% profit at black markets.

Michael Brookes: Bonuses are meant to stack.

Monday fix: Balance pass on commodity bonuses from Powers to prevent excessive stacking (TBC)

Mass lock distances

Anaconda will mass lock all ships up to 4,5 km.


  1. Resource extraction sites do not work as intended.
  2. Conflict zones can spawn only Mostly Harmless enemies, but also it can spawn only Elite enemies, so reset instance as long as you have what you need. Low intensity conflict zones do same, so it's easier to farm elite kills there.
  3. Ranking missions still are very bugged.
  4. If NPC interdicts you right before hyperjump and you jump then you will be interdicted by same NPC the moment you exit from hyperspace and because this is another system he might be CLEAN, so by opening fire first you will become wanted!

Player Vs Player network bugs:

  1. After being interdicted by an enemy and submitting you are dropped out from Super-Cruise and do not see anyone else.
  2. You can exit Super-Cruise by using wing beacon and see nobody there.
  3. You can see your wingmen and zero/one enemy while your wingmen is fighting 3 enemies at the same time and same place.
  4. You can see enemy without shields and even hear your ships voice telling you "Targets shields offline" but after 10 seconds when you shoot at enemy fully charged shields can suddenly appear and ships voice will "inform" you that "Targets shields online", very annoying.


Your merit total from the previous cycle is halved then added to your current cycle value. After two cycles, its value is halved again before being added. After three cycles, the value is halved once more. After four cycles the value is no longer added.

So each week we will have a sum of merits:

– 50% from last week

– 25% from 2 weeks ago

– 12,5% from 3 weeks ago

If you want to have ranking 5 you need to earn:

– 10 000 merits week 1.

– 5 000 merits week 2 + 5000 from week 1 (10 000/2) = 10 000.

– 2 500 merits week 3 + 5000 from week 2+ 2500 from week 1 = 10 000.

– 1 250 merits week 4 + 5000 from week 3+ 2500 from week 2 + 1250 week 1 = 10 000.

From 5th week on you will need just to get 1250 merits for 50 million weekly profit.

You can get those for free in 25 cycles (25 x 50 = 1250) which will take 12-13 hours every week.

IF you only buy merits for 10 000 credits each you will start earning from week 6.

Trading for 13 hours will net you more than 50 mil even in Type 7, in Anaconda you could earn even up to 150 million credits.

Killing enemy ships in your territory will net you 1 merit per kill so 1250 kills each week to maintain ranking 5.

Killing enemy ships in enemy territory will net you 15 merit per kill so 84 kills every week to maintain ranking 5 (but doing that most likely will give you wanted status).

Killing any ship pledged to your power will take away 10 merits from you.

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