Elite: Dangerous. Viper Mk IV vs Asp Scout

2 new ship variants - Viper Mk IV and Asp Scout. Both can be used effectively for combat so let's compare them.
Elite Dangerous

It seems Frontier swapped accidentally stats for both ships, because Asp Scout has one class higher Power Coupling!, Sensors and Life support modules. While last two do not influence much having 2 small and 2 medium hardpoints on both ships then class 4 power coupling makes all the difference - Asp Scout can shoot longer than Viper Mk IV, which one is combat oriented ship here?

Asp Scout is slower (237 m/s vs 291 m/s), slightly lighter (150 tonnes vs 190 tonnes) with slightly worse shields (281 vs 318) and slightly better armor (630 vs 525). Both ships have 2 Utility mounts for shield boosters, heat sinks, kill warrant scanners and other utility modules. Jump range for combat variants are very close - 19,66 vs 19,43 and of course Viper wins here, naturally ;)

Both ships have a maximum of class 4 internal compartment which you can use for shields, maximum cargo without shields for Asp Scout is 52 tonnes, for Viper Mk IV - 50.

At 360 degree pitching with 4 pips to engines Asp Scout wins hands down - 8,6 seconds vs 12 seconds (0 pips to engines 10 vs 14), so Asp Scout pitches with 0 pips to engines faster than Viper Mk IV with 4!

I really hoped that Viper Mk IV will be improved variant of Viper Mk III but if even Asp Scout beats it in almost every way...There's still a hope that devs will tweak Vipers in 1.5 beta, BOTH vipers.


Posted by Kornelius on 2015/11/20 10:30:48. Report
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