Anaconda vs Imperial Cutter vs Federal Corvette

Perfomance comparison for 3 biggest ship combat variants in Elite: Dangerous - Anaconda, Imperial Cutter and Federal Corvette. Acceleration to 100m, maximum speed, top boost, deceleration, lateral and vertical thrust acceleration and deceleration, pitching 360 degrees with 0 and 4 pips to ENGines.
Elite Dangerous


Speed test

Ship0 to 100 m/sAcceleration to Max speedDeceleration to 0 m/sTop speedBoost

Fastest ship is Imperial Cutter, it will accelerate best to 100 meters per second as well as fastest to reach maximum speed, however, deceleration will take almost 2x more than acceleration. Federal Corvette and Anaconda will reach full stop from top speed around 50% slower.

Pitch, Lateral, Vertical

ShipLateral AccelerationLateral DecelerationVertical AccelerationVertical DecelerationPitch 4 pipsPitch 0 pips

For all ships lateral acceleration takes exactly same amount of time as vertical acceleration and top speed is same.

Lateral deceleration seems bugged because it only takes several seconds to reach full stop with Flight Assist ON. Vertical deceleration takes almost same time that is needed to accelerate, so i suppose lateral deceleration is a bug.

Cutter is biggest loser here - lateral and vertical thrusters are weaker than on Federal Corvette or Anaconda and pitching speed is just as "fast" as Type 9 or Type 7.

Anaconda and Federal Corvette actually are very similar in all regards so it's up to anyone if you need 3 Large hardpoints and 1 Huge or 1 Large and 2 Huge, but Anaconda has better jump range, check my other videos to see which ship has better shields, armor, jump range if interested but this is only about speed and agility.

Anaconda vs Imperial Cutter vs Federal Corvette modules, shields, armor, jump range comparison


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