Elite Dangerous: Module damage vs Bulkheads

Testing how module damage changes regarding Hull reinforcement packages and bulkheads.
Elite Dangerous

Hull reinforcement test

Asp Explorer 1678Asp Explorer 378Imperial Cutter 1690 E modulesImperial Cutter 1690 A moduleswith Mirored armor 2370 (A)
Small cannon910545
Medium cannon232511914
Large cannon4750272334

No matter which module: Power Plant, Frame Shift Drive or Drive

Kinetic weapon test

Imperial CutterLightweightReinforcedMilitaryReactiveMirrored
Small cannon44425
Medium cannon999614
Large cannon2323231434
Huge cannon3737372256

Thermic weapon test

Imperial CutterLightweightReinforcedMilitaryReactiveMirrored
Large Pulse Laser22231
Large Burst Laser55572

As you can see even 4x more armor points will only slightly increase module protection, A rating modules are better protected than E and modules on Imperial Cutter are better protected than on Asp Explorer.

Regarding bulkheads Lightweight, Reinforced and Military are exactly same, Mirrored will offer 50% better protection against Thermic weapons but it will be 50% less effective against Kinetic and Reactive armor is exact opposite.


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