Elite:Dangerous. Hazardous Resource Extraction Sites

There are new points of interest in Close quarters combat beta 1.4 - one being hazardous resource extraction site - more dangerous places to hunt down wanted ships. With no police forces to help you it's a perfect place to hung around killing pirates.
Elite Dangerous

We had 2 different extraction sites - High and Low intensity Extraction sites. Now we can also hunt pirates at hazardous resource extraction sites which are supposedly much more dangerous than low and high intensity ones.

So what you can find there:

  • single wanted ships or wings with multiple enemies - even 5 or more.
  • all kinds of ships - starting with Sidewinders, Eagles, Diamondbacks and up to Python, Imperial Clipper or even Anaconda.
  • easily can find enemies up to Deadly rank so it's also a good place to improve your combat rank because higher the enemy you kill faster you reach next rank.
  • almost non stop supply of enemies

Why visit Hazardous Resource Extraction Sites:

  • For fun, obviously killing things is fun, and killings things in a wing is even more fun (just remember that you will share bounty in a wing - if you are alone you get all for yourself, but if both of you did any damage to enemy then bounty voucher that you receive will be split between you so effectively you receive half of it).
  • To improve your combat rank.
  • To test new weapons, modules, ships in action.
  • To earn money because many ships there will have 50-100 000 credit bounties on them, if you add power rating 5 bonus with double profit from bounty vouchers then you can get some nice profit, just don't die because you will lose all unclaimed vouchers.

Don't forget to use kill warrant scanner if you have it to reveal if enemy is wanted in other jurisdictions.

You can ram enemy to death without firing a single shot and still collect bounty.


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