Elite Dangerous: Commodity Market

Different economy type systems will have different supply and demand for commodities. Higher the population higher supply and demand usually thus you can trade longer without breaking trade route.
Elite Dangerous

Economy Types

There are five main ones.


Exports - Minerals group, some Metals group, hydrogen fuels (chemical group)

Imports - Consumer Items, Food, explosives (chemicals), mineral extractors (machinery), H.E. Suits (technology), basic medicines (medicines)


Exports - Metals, Industrial Materials, hydrogen fuels (chemical)

Imports - Consumer Items, Food, Minerals, hel-static furnances (machinery), H.E. Suits (technology), scrap (waste)


Exports - Machinery, Consumer Items, food cartridges (food), computer components (technology), scrap (waste)

Imports - Food, Metals, auto fabricators & robotics (technology)

High Tech

Exports - Technology, consumer tech (consumer items)

Imports - Food, Machinery, Metals, superconductors (industrial materials)


Exports - Food, Textiles

Imports - Consumer Items, crop harvesters (machinery), agri medicines (medicines), pesticides (chemicals), biowaste (waste) [most other systems export this - cheap & plentiful!!]

Tips & tricks

Take a minerals group from Extraction to Refinery

Take a metals group from Refinery to Industrial or to High Tech

Take a machinery group from Industrial to High Tech or Agriculture

Take a technology or consumer items group from High Tech to Agriculture

Take a food group from Agriculture to any other system type

Generally, take biowaste to Agriculture systems, and take scrap to Refinery systems. These are widely available, and cheap, but won't deliver much profit in absolute terms.

And keep notes. At your first system see what's in high demand to be SOLD into the system, then travel off, and use those notes to decide what to BUY and bring back.

Ignore what the bulletin board missions tell you is 'hot' right now. That doesn't bear much relationship to the system's economy type, and covers commodities not yet available (e.g. I've seen 'wood' requested - not available to buy/trade, AFAIK).

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