Elite Dangerous: All playable ship stats compared

Almost all stats can be further improved in one or another way, all ships tested in this guide were outfitted identically to see the difference between different ships but with vast possibilities to outfit each ship in Elite Universe you can tweak greatly some of those stats, i.e., by making your ship lighter you will increase its top and boost speed, by using power play module called Prismatic Shields you can increase your shield value, by using Hull Reinforcement Packages you can increase ships armor value etc.
Elite Dangerous

Combat fitted ships

Combat fitted means that ship has best (and most expensive) modules for combat (including Mirrored Armor) – Power Plant, Thrusters, Frame Shift Drive, Power Distributor and same time lightest Sensors and Life Support because those modules do not influence ships combat capabilities. In Internal Compartments always combat fitted ship will have best rating Shields in highest class compartment, some Shield Cell Banks. You can have better shields with Prismatic shields, but they are heavier (speed, pitching will suffer a little) and prismatic shields require more power from power plant, so only few ships can fit them and still have all best weapons, modules, shield boosters and shield cell banks.

Combat stat table

Ship NamePrice Combat Fitted0pip Speed4pip SpeedBoostPitch 4pipPitch 0pipShieldsArmorJumpHardpoints
Sidewinder1130000108237371810.89521013.532U 2S
Eagle17700001882514067.28.612214016.021U 3S
Hauler126200080227318910.61199019.582U 1S
Adder3000000107236371911.6143315182U 2S 1M
Viper mk III600000019831739611.21325024512.152U 2S 2M
Viper mk IV110000001892913671214318525202U 2S 2M
Imperial Eagle30000002203134158.811.816321015.821U 2S 1M
Cobra mk III120000001492994278.411.617442018.82U 2S 2M
Diamondback Scout90000001843044128.81025442020.184U 2S 2M
Type 69423136712.815.61131623U 2S
Diamondback Explorer2000000015625432911.213.831452525.344U 1L 2M
Asp Scout180000001182373238.610281630202U 2S 2M
Keelback180000009721631813.218.429938519.763U 2S 2M
Asp Explorer450000001352803819.411.642373524.834U 4S 2M
Imperial Courier130000002262873909.611.461228014.624U 3M
Vulture350000002202443947.89.460756014.724U 2L
Federal Dropship9000000011019832911.617411105013.174U 4M 1L
Type 76218530816.224.81082164U 4S
Federal Assault Ship1000000001702383978.510.7383105015.344U 2L 2M
Imperial Clipper140000000206341432911.255194515.594U 2L 2M
Federal Gunship16000000010818430313.617.4514122512.34U 4M 1L
Fer-de-Lance170000000247292394911103378811.896U 4M 1H
Python2400000001572583371113.571691014.654U 2M 3L
Type 94200000004213620917.623.670684012.644U 3M 2S
Anaconda7000000009020226813.216.41428183816.938U 2S 2M 3L 1H
Imperial Cutter140000000017521935018.723.62451140015.468U 4M 2L 1H
Federal Corvette90000000010320626812.6161919129511.878U 2S 2M 1L 2H
Orca18740000022333442313.517.2364770144U 2M 1L
Cobra mk IV1100000010420831211.814.224242016.642U 3S 2M

Top speed: Maximum speed for combat fitted (usually) ship with 4 Pips to Engines, 0 Pips to Engines and top Boost speed.

By knowing top speed with 0 and 4 pips you can easily calculate speed at each any other pip 1-3 because increment is linear.

In this example maximums speed with 4 pips is 237 meters per second and with 0 pips – 108. With 2 pips speed will be right inbetween 108 and 237 – 172 m/s, with 1 pip between 0 (108 m/s) and 2(172 m/s) – 140 m/s and with 3 pips between 2 (172 m/s) and 4 (237) pips – 204 meters per second. That way by knowinbg top speed at 0 and 4 pips you can calculate accurately top speed at 1,2 or 3 pips.

Top boost is top speed that you can achieve with boost – with better Power Distributor you will have bigger Engine capacitor and can boost more often.

Boost speed is not affected by pip amount to Engine capacitor.

360 degree pitch: Time needed to perform 360 degree pitch with 4 and 0 pips to Engines

while having your throttle in the middle (blue sweet spot) for best agility.

Faster you can pitch – faster you can enemy back into your field of view and keep firing, so for combat oriented ships pitching is one of the most important stats, especially because in Elite: Dangerous yaw is deliberately slow by design –

you will roll and pitch mostly and use yaw only to fine tune your aim.

Shields always will represent the highest possible value of regular (not prismatic) shields that every ship can have with highest class, best rating A regular shield generator and full load of best rating A shield boosters. So if ship has 4 Utility mounts they are filled with rating A Shield Boosters, each of which will increase shield strength by 20%.

Armor: No ship has Hull Reinforcement Packages but all combat ships have Mirrored Armor, so you can improve Armor value a lot by bying hull reinforcement packages.

Jump: jump range for fully combat fitted ship.

Weapons: Hardpoint amount and classes. There are 4 classes for hardpoints now – Class 1 or Small, Class 2 or Medium, Class 3 or Large and Class 4 or Huge. Small and Medium weapons have damage penalty (around 33%) if used against Large ships. Ship size is determined by required landing pad size when docked. Small weapons will have damage penalty against Medium and Large ship hull but will do 100% damage against Small ship hull, Medium weapons will do 100% damage against Small and Medium ships but have 33% damage penalty against Large ships and Large and Huge weapons will have no damage penalty. Keep in mind that damage penalty is only applied to damage done to Hull, weapons receive no damage penalty against enemy ship shields – so against shields Small and Medium weapons do 100% of what they re supposed to.

Maximum utility slots ship has that can be used for Shield Boosters, Scanners, Heat Sinks, anti missile defense and similar modules.

Trading and general stats

Trade fitted ships usually have no weapons, no utility modules, most modules lightest that you could fit on that ship except best Frame Shift Drive, smallest best A rating shield you can fit and all rest internal compartments filled with cargo racks only.

Basically unladen jump range for trade fitted ships is very similar to exploration fitted ship jump range. I didn't try several ship (sidewinder, vulture, viper, eagle) trade builds because they make no sense, you can get cheaper ship with more cargo.

Ship NameTrade FittedJump LadenMass LockHull massLanding padStock PriceMax CargoMax Jump
Viper mk III760S1429002221.28
Viper mk IV7190S2858005025.7
Imperial Eagle650S1108001423
Cobra mk III200000020.618180S3797006028.53
Diamondback Scout220000024.438170S5643002828.25
Type 6300000019.478155M104590011230.73
Diamondback Explorer700000029.4710298S18947005234.26
Asp Scout6500000248150M39610005233.19
Asp Explorer1210000025.2411280M666100012837.84
Imperial Courier300000017.43735S25420003033.53
Federal Dropship1960000015.1714580M1431400016419.66
Type 72100000017.1710420L1747200023225.16
Federal Assault Ship2500000019.1314480M198140009622.94
Imperial Clipper2880000017.0812400L2229500024827.52
Federal Gunship4120000015.0214580M3470000016819.5
Type 910262000013.03161000L7655500053220.2
Imperial Cutter24000000016271100L20000000079225.7
Federal Corvette19000000011.525900L18200000061621.15
Cobra mk IV2500000178210S7640008824

Mass Lock Factor: Each ship has mass lock factor and if 2 ships meet then one ship will mass lock other (if both have same mass lock factor then both ships will mass lock each other).

Mass locked ship will charge frame shift drive into Super-Cruise much longer than normal. Mass lock do not slow down charging frame shift drive for Hyperjump.

Max jump range: Approximate maximum jump range that ship can achieve with best Frame Shift Drive and with as few and as light modules as possible, usually that means no shields, no weapons, no utility modules and with smallest class and lightest available Power Plant, Thrusters, Power Distributor and other modules – useful to increase jump range for trading or exploration oriented ships, so this value is just informative and with crafting we will be able to double our jump range by using frame shift drive injections.

Jump laden: maximum jump range with full cargo hold.

Price for stock variant of ship without any discounts – you can find ships with 10% discount at Founders World if you are founders level backer to the game or reach Elite ranking in Combat, Trading or Exploration – any one of those, sometimes after completing Community Goal you will have a chance to buy specific ship for limited period of time with discount – usually those are bigger than 10% and sometimes even up to 30-40%.

Max Cargo: Maximum cargo that ship can have without shields.

About outfitting modules

Most modules are available in different classes. Higher the class better the module, i.e., Fer-de-Lance got buffed in 1.5 update and can now fit one class higher power plant which has much higher power output thus allowing to have better modules active at the same time.

Most modules have ratings from A to E (rating A being the best and E the worst).

What everyone should know is that A always will give you best performance, D almost always will be the lightest module in its class (great for having better jump range) and B being the heaviest but supposedly with best protection against enemy fire, however, latest tests revealed that B rating modules actually are not better than A rating modules of same class at taking damage, but this at some point probably will be fixed.

About weapons

There are three kind of weapons:

Thermic – most effective against shields;

Kinetic – most effective against hull, but not so effective against shields;

Explosives – missiles and mines, very weak against shields but highly effective against hull;

Some weapons inherit properties of kinetic and thermic weapons at the same time – Rail Guns and Plasma Accelerator making them unique weapons that are good against shields and hull at the same time. Rail guns are best weapons at damaging modules but they are very limited in ammo (which is completely irrelevant since crafting was introduced making them almost only option for PvP players). Plasma Accelerator has 105 rounds and for some unknown reason Plasma round velocity is much higher than same class Cannon making cannons useful only if you prefer point blank combat or just have not enough power from power plant. With crafting you can search for materials and craft ammo- one reload will only reload one weapon.

Weapons (depending on their class and enemy ship size) receive damage penalty against hull but there is no penalty against shields. Small weapons receive damage penalty against medium and large ships, medium weapons receive damage penalty against large ships while large and huge weapons do not receive any damage penalty. Damage penalty is around 33%. There are 2 weapons that are excluded from damage penalty – Rail Guns and Cannons.

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