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A minor faction is any group listed in the system map (major factions are Federation, Empire, Alliance).
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A minor faction is any group listed in the system map (major factions are Federation, Empire, Alliance).

A system is owned by whatever minor faction owns the controlling starport.

Actions to change faction influence include trading, missions, bounty hunting (cashing bounties), combat bonds (cashing bonds) and cashing in exploration data.

Influence is per system - not per station. When certain threshholds are crossed then two minor factions can enter civil war and a change in station may occur if the losing faction owned a station.

Trading does aid the influence of a faction owning the station that trading takes place in.

Successful missions increase the influence of the issuing faction.

Stations don't hold shares. It's held on a per system basis. As influence moves relative to another faction then it could trigger an event, one of which being civil war. If the civil war is with a faction owning the station and they lose then ownership of the station is transferred to the winning faction.

If the station happens to be the controlling station for the system, then the winning faction becomes (or remains) the controlling faction for the system.

Conflict zones are generated if the civil war includes the controlling minor faction.

Influence changes are processed daily.

If the party has no influence then it can't generate missions. We will look at maybe putting a floor in so there's a better chance of missions being created for powerless factions.

Support the criminal minor faction and system can switch to anarchy.

Civil war is triggered through influence movement differentials. So improving one against another minor faction should trigger a civil war - assuming that not other state is interfering. If the faction has been in a civil war then there is a cooldown period before it can enter a civil war again.

Lockdowns have nothing to do with civil wars, they are their own state.

Regarding missions and influence missions have different impacts on influence, so you can't make a linear comparison. Claiming bounties or combat bonds has a greater effect than just killing ships.

Civil war only occurs within a single system, so it would only generate zones in that system. In a war state you would get conflict zones in both systems.

The civil war isn't shared against systems, just the minor faction. So it can be in a civil war, but only against one of the other minor factions at a time.

A minor faction can only have one state, no matter how many systems it is in.

A boom state will continue until the accrued boom value is spent or it reaches it's maximum length (which is about 3 weeks).

Currently the cooldown period is 25 days so that sounds plausible. We are planning on dropping that value right down in the near future.

The boom applies to the specific location, not all the systems it is in. The luxury traders only appear if the minor faction is in a boom state.

Minor faction seeking to expand their military capability by constructing a capital ship (one of Farragut Battlecruisers or Majestic Interdictors) which is obviously a huge undertaking so they’ll require a lot of support and resources to successfully construct the warship. The commander who contributes the most to the construction will have the opportunity to name the ship. We’ll need to vet the name of course :-)

A minor faction can only have one active system state, but multiple pending states. Systems contain one of more minor factions so can contain one or more states.

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