Elite: Dangerous. Things that do not make sense

Most things make sense but there are some things that make no sense and by fixing those our gaming experience would improve a lot. Here is listed stuff that makes little to no sense to me and maybe that's just my experience with stuff that's made "by design". My biggest issue is with dumb useless NPCs, only by fixing this game would become much more enjoyable.
Elite Dangerous

NPCs are dumb and worthless

  1. Never have any chance to do anything but act like they can.
  2. When they run they must RUN and not interdict 10 seconds later.
  3. Enemy power NPCs should give much more than 470 credits. (No powerplay points, no money, why bother at all)


  1. Powerplay commodities are available every 30 minutes (forcing players to log in every 30 minutes is silly).
  2. Hostile stations or local authority ships do not care about your presence there.
  3. Power passive bonuses that anyone can use are way better than rating 5 bonuses that powers provide.

Game modes

Anyone can interact with any background simulation and jump between modes at any time.

Some parts of the game must be played only in open, i.e.,

if you receive a bounty in open play for killing other CMDR, accept community goal mission or pledge to power

then you can only play in open.

Any time is possible to leave power, cancel community goal or die to clear bounty and switch back to solo.

Or at least have a timer, so you can switch between modes only once a day or once every 6 hours and not every 10 seconds.


  1. Can eject cargo bay contents and use shield cell banks but can't use heat sinks.
  2. Can't hyperjump if destination is obscured but we can be interdicted by NPCs through planet or star.
  3. We are "teleported" into interdictors instance.
  4. Interdiction that started split second before hyperjump will carry on to next system.
  5. Frame shift drive interdictor module has no cooldown.


  1. Can't charge shields fast while docked at station. (Allow to use Shield Cell Banks while docked)
  2. Can't order stored ship delivery. (Set a price and time, i.e., 1% of rebuy cost and 1 hour = 10 LY.)
  3. Friends and powerplay allies are not color distinct. (At least make them all green on our sensors so we can see friends right away.)


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