Livestream Q&A with David Braben. 2015.11.04

Transcript from today dev livestream. 1.5 Beta incoming on November 9th, Horizons beta on November 24!
Elite Dangerous

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Beta will come in two stages: 1.5 launches on Nov 9th, and Horizons 2.0 on Nov 24th

Want to do NPC Wingmates & Crew. Planned, but no timescale.

Schematic map for use on planets coming soon

Rings will cast shadows on planet's surface, but no timescale.

Orrery map still planned, but no timescale. Will be at back end of Season 2 if it makes it in.

Player groups functionality in game. 'Yes, but...' recognising player groups as sub-factions is the start, but it won't be exactly like other game's mechanics.

Loot/Crafting: Simple bits will be in 2.0

Tier 2 persistent NPCs: Won't be in the sense that you can kill off all NPCs in galaxy, but small additions will come sequentially. No timeframe.

Played it on Vive today. 'It's awesome'. Buggies didn't make him feel sick. Getting excessively tumbled did make another player who was more prone to motion sickness feel that way.

Shark-tooth skin for the Python? Would love it, and they're looking into it, but no promises.

Asp scout? Not military version, another variant. More like the Asp out of Frontier. Slightly more budget.

When will we see significant updates to the base game? DB counters that piracy forms & bounty hunting, and new professions (mining) are significant improvements. 'It's getting better by degrees'. Says bounty hunting in particular will change more and more through Season 2.

Turret with Hotas? You can configure as you like. Hat button etc.

Plans to expand astronomical phenomenon? Accretion discs etc? Would love to do it. On the list. Comets are in the simulation, but getting them to look good and interact well with gameplay still need to be got right. You will be able to see medium-sized 'potato' asteroids even if you don't have Horizons.

Is Elite and MMORPG? By almost all measures, but suggests quality / connection limits means it can still improve over time.

Did he ever imagine in '84 Elite could look like this? Imagine yes :). Talks about under-promise, over-deliver in terms of creating impressive modern content.

Vid of buggy driving into settlement with Corvette nearby :)

How settlements work with single-player? Use deep ravines to approach 'under the guns' etc. The big guns don't decline etc. Only have to deal with the lighter skimmers. Could take out a generator, and both the lights and the big guns go down. Then call your ship in (if you've got all the generators). There are lots of bases, and they're varied.

NICE! SRV being lowered out of a Cobra, internal view as you exit. Animation looks good. Drives to large base. Hexagonal heat radiators.

Plans to reduce current transition phases? Yes, and they're constantly being worked on. (Some regions, and some connections, have excessive transitions now, and they're working on them)

Character creator will be used for NPCS? Yes, and planned. But not straight away.

Keelback? Lakon ship. You'll see in a week. Based on Type 6, but better, with more weaponry.

How are the DDF 'near God-like powers' re background sim coming? Straight apology on slow progress. At some point there will be something to address that, but not for now.

Buggy too jerky in streams? Some were filmed with TrackIR, which can be less pleasurable for viewer than player, maybe the cause of concern.

High end FerDeLance? Not sure where this rumour came from. Not ready to talk about that yet.

Thargoids? Well.... He was impressed by Cmdr who decoded the signals. There's more exciting stuff to come.

Will capital ships be improved to be more fun to play with/against? Yes, there's more to come.

Asteroid stations? You can sort of see the first vestiges them in CQC. They will come. Don't have a timeframe. Hopefully back-end of Season 2.

More CGs to expand the human bubble? Yes, he thinks they're wonderful. Absolutely yes.

Are you going to play SC? Yes, looking forward to playing it.

Can you conquer planetary bases? Can attack, but can't have your own one. Not yet anyway.

NPCs in Horizons? NPCs driving skimmers already. NPCs driving buggies [?] unlikely in Season 2. Planetary ships, yes.

Game API? Looking at, in pipeline.

Transfer creds after certain rank? Suggest the cargo transfer, so not seen as a priority. Has air of exploit if done on large scale. (Says big cheaters are being banned).

Expand 32 player cap? Could, but experience would suffer. Continually reviewing.

Jettison all cargo? Why?? You don't have to do it ;). Makes your ship lighter. And it's a surprise.

Passengers? Planned, but can't remember exact timescale.

Cutter / Corvette? Both slightly bigger/longer than Anaconda, and have bigger hardpoints. And fit through the slot.

What will you see 20k from Sol? You will see more exotic things, there will be things to find, but doesn't want to spoil

[Missed question] - Looking at how Horizons and non-Horizons Wings perform missions together.

Planetary approach suite fits in every ship. SRV takes up 4t of cargo space. Doesn't take up compartment.

Multi-sourced lighting? On the list. Might only come in High and Ultra settings. No promises.

Will we see Cmdr faces through visors etc / when communicating? Yes face normally clear because ship pressurised.

More difference between stations? It's coming, not sure when. Probably not in 2.0

Vessels over Season 2? First variants will be similar to the SRV, then more down the line. Handle differently and do different things.

Ship naming? (Did we promised that? :)). He wants it. Says we will do it. I'll talk to the team tomorrow.

Systems visited bookmarks? Doesn't know.

Models or kits coming? Models yes, not kits that he knows of.

Publishing the lore? Wants to. And bringing story more to fore.

Large cities? Ever bigger settlements coming. Big cities not in 2.0, but will come over the Season.

SRV inside stations? Currently no, and probably not. Will look if worth doing.

Is orbital cruise and instanced area? At the moment pretty seamless. Isn't sure on details on where the transition is. There is instancing on the surface.

They have rough ship layouts, but no walking etc in Season 2

Are there none Thargoid species? YES :D

[Mumbled] If you're in a wing should be able to share exploration data. Will look into it.

More CQC maps in 1.5, then more after.

Supercruise bug? He will ask after this stream.

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