Elite: Dangerous. Bi-Weave vs Regular Shield on Fer-de-Lance

There is new shield generator in the game since 1.5 update called Bi-Weave, which requires less power but has faster regeneration speed at expense of shield strenght.
Elite Dangerous

  1. Bi-Weave shield strength is equivalent to a D-rated shield of the same rank.
  2. A 7C Bi-Weave is the same as a 7D normal Shield Generator.
  3. Bi-Weave shields have the same power draw and weight as a normal C-rated generator of the same class.
  4. Bi-Weave Shields regenerate 50% faster than normal shields. This applies to broken shields and idle regeneration.
  5. Bi-Weave shields turn purple when they're stronger, and fade to blue as your shields become weakened.

Class 5A and Bi-Weave C5 comparison

Fer-de-Lance with 8 shield boosters

1033 MJRegular A5 ShieldBack online: 3m44s Fully charged: 9m53s
835 MJBi-weave C5 ShieldBack online: 2m08s Fully charged: 5m09s
Around 20%Difference43%-47%

As you can see you will sacrifice 20% of your shield strength but shields will regenerate almost two times faster and you also save power because C5 Bi-Weave requires 1MW less power than A5 Shields, so there are already many uses for Bi-Weave shields on trading ships as well as combat ships.


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