Elite Dangerous: Shield Cell Bank Test

Using 2 Anacondas with 6A shields, we tested all Class 1 to 7 Shield Cell Banks (SCB) and their actual charge values in MJ. Class 8 SCBs were not tested yet because they are only usable in a Lakon Type-9.
Elite Dangerous

Q: How did you get the actual value?

A: We believe the Shield values (MJ) on EDShipyard.com are pretty representative so we used them as our references. Before testing we put 0 SYS PIPs and emptied the SYS capacitors. We checked each other's Shield % from the left panel Contacts list. We recorded the start shield % and end shield % before and after each Shield Cell Bank use. Then we converted the changed % into actual MJ based on the maximum 6A Shield value (510.74MJ). All testings were done in Elite: Dangerous version 1.2.07.

Q: How do I use these values?

A: With the actual MJ for each SCB, you will now be able to apply them to any ships. You can get your Shield values from EDShipyard and then figure out how much % shield each SCB can charge.

Q: How accurate are these values?

A: These values are by no means 100% accurate. The baseline total MJ for shield was deduced by players and unconfirmed by FD. The Shield % reading was rounded in game and could be off plus minus 1%. The values are subjected to change in future game updates. But we did find the value change between ABCDE ratings were pretty consistent and this result was useful to get the general idea of how SCB differs between classes and ratings. We hope FD could soon make these outfit values officially available in game.

Q: Where is the raw data?

A: If you are interested, you can view it from here: [Google Spreadsheet]

Q: Are there more testings?

A: Yes! We also tested all weapons DPS against Shield and Hull, in actual Shield/Hull values! Results will be posted soon.

Q: Have you verified the values against other ships and shields combinations?

A: Yes. See below result.

Q: Are the shield ring graphics linear (i.e. each ring is 33% of total shield)?

A: Yes they are consistent with 33% per ring.

Q: How does the shield recharge work?

A: In testing we found the shield recharge rate (before completely collapse) was consistent at 1 MJ/s for all ships, shields and power distributors, as long as you have some power in SYS capacitor.

CMDR StarLightBreaker

(Testing with CMDR Pale Night)


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